Conveyancing and Cars

In light of the recent controversy regarding the band Concept Artists, after their self-proclaimed “greatest show ever”, we thought this would be a good time to look back over their illustrious career, before it spiralled out of control like a plane with blown-up turbines.

Concept Artists have produced a remarkable amount of music in only three short years, each of their four albums averaging three hours and fifteen minutes in length. Their first album, Buying and Selling, was an overnight success. The opening track, Conveyancing Firms Near Melbourne captured hearts and minds across the globe. From there, people were pulled into the fifty-seven track roller coaster.

Next came There Are Lots of Blocked Drains Near Melbourne, which admittedly didn’t do as well as the band’s debut, but still broke several records. Although the band expressed their disappointment with the album, they vowed to come back stronger for it.

And indeed they did. Although it is likely we will never see a track so influential as How Do I Get a Vendor’s Statement?, many songs in the band’s next album came close. Critics called Fixing Cars a “masterpiece for the ages”. The album went triple platinum in a week, but didn’t quite reach the numbers required to go diamond. This spring, Fixing Cars: the Movie hits cinemas.

It is well known that from there, the band’s singer and songwriter struggled to find inspiration for their fourth studio album. Robbie R wrote This Window Is Dark Now as the first track of an anticipated album about window tinting, but found that he could not complete the project. However, after the single was universally (and we do mean universally) loved, he decided to compose an album about windows in general.

Windows Extravaganza, however, barely saw the light of day. After the band’s Greatest Show Ever, copies of the album were only used as coasters for coffee cups. Who knew that frontman Robbie R could offend so many people at once with his comments? People whose names start with T, pet owners everywhere, red-shirted civilians, the elderly, short people, homeless people, and the list goes on. Although the band has put out an official apology, we doubt anyone will have room in their hearts for Concept Artists anymore.