Traffic, Terrific?

I’m not so sure I like the current trend of action films going into this new decade. Hollywood felt kind of lost for the 2010s, especially when it came to the action scene; a lot of grit was thrown into things, basically. You can’t just have a guy using his skills to rescue his daughter, oh no. It has to be a guy using his skills to rescue his daughter while fighting off an addiction to Golden Monkey tea that he gained from a lifetime of abuse at the hands of a vindictive P.E. teacher. With greyscale, slow-motion flashbacks.

See what I mean? Now, they’ve decided that there is no action without comedy, which is how we got Traffic? Terrific! It’s the story of a guy on a mission to make a green travel plan for the city of Melbourne, except he accidentally puts forward a plan that makes it so the entire city is trapped in permanent gridlock, with no way off the freeways. Society devolves into anarchy with a brutal new social order being established on the packed roads, but this guy is super happy because this way he doesn’t have to go home to his nagging wife.

As per usual, it’s Rian Reynaldos just ‘playing himself’, in this case (same as all the others) a happy guy in a situation with lots of guns and violence. The green travel plan part will probably have it nominated for all kinds of awards, because judging panels lap that stuff up. Got to be kind to the environment, and all that; it wins you awards, and everyone thinks the director is a good person for six months or so.

Then again, it’s an original film idea, not based on anything in particular. Maybe the director really is passionate about traffic consultations, and his chosen vehicle (heh) is an action/comedy that he hopes will win lots of awards. That way, people will know. They’ll know…about the wonders of the traffic management plan. Melbourne was a filming location as well, but I do not remember any CBD disruptions.

Considering the amount of stunt cars that got trashed, that does surprise me.