Welcome to the Latin Hub!

Latin: does it have to be a dead language?

That’s the thing about calling something ‘dead’; it implies that it can never be revived. At Latin Hub, we like to think that the beautiful and efficient language of Latin is simply sleeping, ready to be woken by a new generation, and more than ready to reclaim its place as a ruling lingua franca.

Latin Hub is a place to celebrate Latin as a language, study the grammar, learn new things and just have a bit of fun! We want this to be a hub for enthusiasts, but also a place that’s welcoming of newcomers. Come and learn with us!

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi…

Hub Meetings

Currently, members of the Melbourne Latin Hub meet in the Ivy Clubrooms in Southbank, at 7:45pm on Thursday evenings. Go left when you enter, up the spiral staircase and we’re in the first door on the left (we now have a door sign!). Tea and coffee are provided, or you can order from the bar downstairs. 

The Sydney Latin Hub meets at the Clarion Hotel in Leichhardt, 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings. We’ll be in the room out the back, past the restaurant area and up the small flight of stairs. Bring a platter to share!

The Brisbane Latin Hub gathers at 6:30pm on Wednesday evenings, at the Draconis Nightclub private rooms. Just tell the bouncer at the door why you’re there, slip him a $20 note and he’ll call the private elevator down for you. Please come dressed in garish nightclub attire, or you won’t be allowed in.

We’re still working on securing a space for the Hobart Latin Hub meetings. Stay tuned for more details!