Book of Glass

Finally, the fifth book of the Giggle McWiggle saga is complete! Time to send it out to agents and publishers. This time I’ll try some lesser-known agents, who will hopefully see my subversive epic fantasy series as something that can launch us both into international fame and glory. That’s why I’ve queried Janet McCallom, because she has never signed an author. I know I’m the one for her.

While I wait, though, it’s time to start outlining book six. This is going to be a major turning point for the series. At the end of book five, Giggle McWiggle and the World’s Largest Block of Ice, my hero has defeated the dark lord Hogarth and saved his girlfriend, only for her to break up with him because she fell in love with one of the prison guards! Fair to say, despite beating his nemesis, Giggle is at his darkest point. He dreams of travelling to Earth to learn about glass balustrades near Melbourne, which is foreshadowing for book thirteen of the series. Giggle knows this is impossible because Earth is just a myth, but he does join a colony of glass-blowing ants in the Shadow Lands.

Book six will be called Giggle McWiggle and the Great Glass Balustrade. These aren’t just your regular, everyday ants, by the way. They’re giant ants, and boy do they know a thing or two about glass replacement. They’re the best glassmiths the Shadowlands have to offer. That’s great news for our protagonist, who will take the things he’s learned back to the realm of men in book seven. This book isn’t going to have a villain. It’s just Giggle McWiggle hanging out with some ants, learning the craft of working with glass. It’s my most subversive work yet. Giggle doesn’t know it, but his destiny is to become the finest glassmith the world has ever seen. And he’s just getting started.

– Augustus Bland