My Little Fall

Hello out there to my growing fanbase! I wish I had another shoulder surgery story to tell you – I know how much you enjoyed my last two! – but I haven’t had any more accidents or emergencies lately. I know, I’m disappointed too! So I guess this is me, signing off and wishing you all good hea–

So, quick update guys, I’m currently in the car with my husband, being driven to the best shoulder surgeon near Melbourne. It was the funniest thing, as I was typing up that last paragraph, my stairs just came out of nowhere! One moment I’m typing out a heartfelt goodbye the next I’m staring up at the ceiling wondering why the floor disappeared like that.

         Luckily, I’m a pro, so I landed directly on my shoulder. Yep. That shoulder.

         I figured I may as well pass the time doing a bit more reading on the subject, and what I should expect when I see my surgeon. If it’s anything like the last two times, I think I know what’ll happen – some sort of shoulder arthroscopy, for sure.

         If you guys missed my last post about what that is, it’s a pretty simple, minimally-invasive procedure where they stick a tiny camera into your shoulder to check out the damage without having to fully open up your shoulder like they used to back in the olden days. They can even do a bit of the surgery like that! And if they can’t fix it with just the arthroscope, they do a more traditional incision and operate like that. But, because they know exactly where to work, it’s a much smaller cut.

         Oh good, we’ve arrived at the doctor’s surgery. My shoulder was killing me, trying to hold up my phone that whole time! Ugh, my husband is yelling at me to put the phone down so I can go inside and let the doctor see me. I’m almost done, silly!

         Anyway, I hope this helps some of you! And remember: I’m not a doctor, please actually speak to yours if you have any issues.