Plumbing Disaster

Let me set the scene for you. It’s Christmas morning, I’m hours away from having thirty guests arrive at my place for lunch and I’ve finally finished the hours of cooking and cleaning needed for the entire event. I’m finally sitting down and relaxing before the mayhem that is Christmas Day, and then I hear my daughter scream from the bathroom. Panicked, obviously, I run to see what the issue is, where I’m confronted with the toilet spurting out toilet water and sewerage all over the floor… and my daughter. The smell is absolutely foul and the mess is a sight for sore eyes. Pretty much, this is an absolute disaster. 

I get on the phone immediately to a plumber, whilst my daughter calls my sister and lets her know what has happened. Being Christmas Day, I thought it was going to be impossible to get a plumber out, but because it was such an emergency, someone was on their way within the hour. Having seen the damage once they arrived, the plumber got to work doing whatever a plumber does to fix the situation. I gave him permission to do a drain camera inspection. Melbourne drains apparently aren’t the best, so we needed to check what the issue was to avoid this happening in the future. Seeing as I don’t ever want sewerage coming out of my toilet into my home again, I most definitely gave them the green light to carry out any job they needed.

Needless to say, we didn’t hold Christmas at our place. Despite the problem getting fixed, I needed to get out of my house after such a traumatic day. My sister kindly offered to host instead, so I brought all the food over and our family of thirty enjoyed ourselves immensely. Everyone seemed to have a story about the time they had blocked drains. Brighton is notorious for them according to the rest of my family.  

It’s safe to say this was a Christmas I’ll never forget… even though I want to.