Truck Stunts

Have you seen my Me Tube channel? I post the most awesome content on the whole website, and that’s a fact. Burning Rubber is all about pulling the sickest stunts while driving big rigs. I’m talking about doughnuts, barrel rolls, surviving explosions. We do anything and everything, as long as it gets clicks. We film most of our videos right in the middle of Tasmania, where it’s nice and quiet and the cops won’t ask any questions about all the things we blow up or crash into. But we make the journey all the way from the coast, stopping at the best mechanics in Brighton for a tune-up.

One time, our best driver, Terry, drove one of our trucks right off a cliff. The vehicle went up in a massive explosion, but Terry was all right in the end. That video went absolutely viral. Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to top it. We’ve got a good one in the works, though.

We packed a truck full of explosives a while ago. Nuclear bombs, in fact. While dressed in a dark cloak, I went up to a Tasmanian truck driver and gave him thousands of dollars to drive the truck around non-stop, no questions asked. We’re gonna start a live stream soon, with a helicopter following the truck. Sometimes it stops at the Brighton truck service, but thankfully the mechanics there are in on our prank. They know not to activate the lasers on the back, and ask no questions about the radiation-emitting cargo.

We’re not going to activate the nukes while the driver is in the truck, obviously. That would be a horrible thing to do. We’re going to tell him to drive the vehicle into the ocean, off the cliffs of Tasmania. The explosion will be almighty and is sure to gain views. And because it will be going off underwater, it’s perfectly safe. Everyone knows that water nullifies radiation. It’s perfectly safe.