Construction Mogul

I can’t go into details, but I work for a very important construction company in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Every employee at our company is forbidden from divulging where we work, purely for the reason that our company is such a leader in the industry. Our CEO, who is a fantastic business man, is afraid that we will be poached if people know where we work. This may sound crazy, but when you get paid as much as we do, you’re happy to keep your mouth shut. 

Last week we were working on a large project near Frankston, when we ran out of steel lintels. Melbourne suppliers are extremely efficient when it comes to dealing with our company, so it was really no issue that we had ran out. Pretty much all we did was prolong our lunch whilst we waited for the suppliers to arrive. Working for the best construction company in the business really has its perks. Most other companies would have to waste time going to the supplier themselves, which would cut into their work time and mean they would have to work late. That will never be the case for us and it’s fantastic.

As a construction company, we do not produce any of our own materials. It’s our job to work alongside the Melbourne steel fabricators to ensure we have the right quality and quantity of steel for every job. In the instance last week where we ran out of steel, it was our fault. Sometimes even the best companies’ make mistakes, but it was our level of expertise and partnerships with the best in the business that allowed us to rectify our mistake within the hour. This is why our clients and our waiting list of potential clients rely on us so much. The fact that we have a wait list is a testament to our work, and the cooperative work of our suppliers.