Creating hotel promo









I’ve been in the travel industry for the last twenty years. I own two hotel locations and am heavily involved in the day to day running of the locations, plus all of the key decision making. Being in this position means that I must always have my finger on the pulse of this industry to stay on top of trends and how things are changing. The rise of homestays, budget hotels, b&bs and the like have really thrown a curveball into the industry. Premium hotels like mine have taken a dive as people don’t wish to spend as much money on hotels as they believe they can find cheaper options. What people are failing to see is that hotels are still part of the holiday experience. Staying in a nice and luxurious hotel can really elevate your stay to a whole new level. 

I’m looking into a few marketing video production options so I can get some really sleek videos to share across social media. High end hotels like mine have never really needed to worry about advertising and competition. Our competition used to be other high end hotels, whereas it’s now everyone. It’s almost like the high end hotels need to band together to bring awareness back to the appeal of staying in luxury accommodation. Once we’ve successfully gotten travellers interested in staying at a luxury hotel, then we can worry about competing with other luxury hotels. 

I decided to use the most recommended brand video production company in Melbourne for this job. Their showreel had so many impressive clients, and videos that I found really captured what I was trying to achieve with this ad campaign. It’s relieving when you speak to people who just totally understand the work you’re trying to create. They also gave me some excellent advice on how to best use these videos to convert views into guests. 

After only a week of the video in circulation online, we had already started seeing an uptick in the amount of people who were booking holidays and wanting to stay at our locations.