Daughter’s New Home

My seventeen-year-old daughter Annabella is the pride and joy of my life. She’s incredibly kind, strong willed, dedicated and intelligent. She will be going in year twelve at the beginning of next year and then make the transition from high school to university the following year. She’s on the path to success and I am certain she will get there.

My wife and I are fortunate enough to come from affluent families and have well paying jobs. We acknowledge that we have never struggled with money, and given our current financial position, our children will also never need to worry about money. This is not to say that they’re spoiled, they both have jobs and understand the value of money, but it is comforting knowing that we have set them up for life. 

As my eldest daughter is almost ready to transition into a life of independence, I have decided to facilitate this transition the best way I can. I have bought a property in a well respected suburb and have employed a team to design and build her a house. The idea behind this is that being a university student she needs space away from her parents, but I don’t want her staying in a run-down home that is a detriment to her wellbeing. 

My first order of business was to choose an appropriate sliding doors installation. I have always felt that sliding doors are a sign of success, and I am determined to leave as much positive energy in her new home as possible.

I’ve been heavily involved in the design process, and have chosen some real focal points for the home that I believe are timeless and will foster a hefty resale value when the time comes. My daughter however disagrees with many of my choices.

She was adamant that her new home already needed a door replacement. Melbourne, where we live, is a rather well-off city, and she believed that some of the fixtures I had chosen were not up to scratch aesthetics-wise. 

Usually I wouldn’t allow her to make demands like that, but as it will be her new home, I was lenient just this once.