Energy Bot 5000

Finally, my greatest invention will be complete! I found the perfect solution to my money problems, seeing as the government has repeatedly spurred my grant requests: solar power. I struck a deal with a global company to get solar panels, in exchange for advertising space on my giant robot. By tonight, I will be ready to present Energy Bot 5000, courtesy of the best commercial solar provider in Melbourne. Solar power has allowed me to chase my dreams. I will bring slick robot dance moves upon the entire city until I am inevitably caught. I don’t expect this robot to lead to a complete takeover of the city. That would be foolish to anticipate. Every scientist has to start somewhere, though. My next invention will be even better, but Energy Bot 5000 will do for now.

Yes, everything is going according to plan. I’ve got my website up and running, and I even managed to get a good domain name. I can start to build up my reputation and brand now. The business cards should be coming in today, which will be shot out of Energy Bot 5000’s confetti cannons. Everybody will know my name and tremble! That is until Super Duper Man puts a stop to me and throws me in jail. That’s all right, though, because I have an escape plan ready. It’s much easier to get out of the slammer when you know you’re going in and have time to prepare.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point, for sure. The hardest part of my brilliantly convoluted plan was convincing the energy company to give me solar panels. I went in pretending to ask about the benefits of solar power for business, and seamlessly segued into mass mayhem in Melbourne. That got me a private meeting with the CEO of MEGACORP, a subsidiary of ULTRACORP. MEGACORP stands for Massive Ego Galactic Authority Controlling Our Reality and Planet. ULTRACORP stands for Ultimate Llamas Taking Real Authoritarian Control of Our Reality and Planet. They were kind enough to make this project a reality. It’s nice to have someone believing in my career choice for once.

– Dr Dark McBane