Biz Blends

I think the podcast might be winding up. Now that Kerry is too busy with the broccoli powder business to do the editing, it’s starting to become more of a burden than a brilliant idea. In truth, it was only ever supposed to be a vehicle for attracting potential investors to the super-foods market, and …

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Solar System Investments

Business is booming. I’m not entirely sure why there’s such a strong interest in commercial solar systems, but I’ve sold over a dozen already, at $100 each. Maybe I should be charging more for them. I mean, most of them do have entire planets ready for mining. They’re probably worth a few thousand dollars each, …

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Energy Bot 5000

Finally, my greatest invention will be complete! I found the perfect solution to my money problems, seeing as the government has repeatedly spurred my grant requests: solar power. I struck a deal with a global company to get solar panels, in exchange for advertising space on my giant robot. By tonight, I will be ready …

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