Ghostly Questions

Welcome to our blog, where today, we (the Three G’s) answer questions from our readers!

First up, we have a question from Bobby Oldport, who asks: Um, hi guys. Since you’re all ghosts, does that make it hard to do normal things, like go to the bathroom or visit a mechanic? You’ve mentioned before that Ghost Car has special needs when it comes to mechanics.

Great question. This is Ghost Driver, I’ll be answering this one. We’ve been switching mechanics a lot lately because most of them don’t really know how to deal with a phantom car. Thankfully, we’ve found a great car service near Bentleigh that seems to know what they’re doing. We’re hoping Ghost Car will be more comfortable with them. As for going to the bathroom, that’s an easy one. None of us has to eat any more, which means we have no bathroom needs. Ghost Cow does complain about not being able to graze on grass, though. He tries to get out of the car every time we stop in Bentleigh. Auto electrical work doesn’t take long when your car no longer has electricity, so it’s not a huge problem for us. 

Next, we have a question from Matilda Thorn. She says: Ghost Cow, what’s your favourite thing about being a ghost?

Well, I suppose being a ghost is more interesting than being a cow. Cow life is pretty boring, but in some ways I definitely miss it. It was a simpler time. As Ghost Driver mentioned, I do miss grazing a lot. It was peaceful. Calming. But I also like wearing sunglasses. I could never do that as a normal cow.

Our final question is by Mario from Doncaster. This one’s for Ghost Car. What are your thoughts on the protests for autocracy? And do you have any allegiance to the so-called Auto King?

You can write this on a whiteboard in permanent marker because I will never change my mind. I, Ghost Car, do not support these calls for autocracy. It is a barbaric thought, and this auto king would be no better than Donny Trumpet. I am perfectly fine with the current relations between humans and cars. I detest these zealots.