Villainous Origins

Sometimes all you want on a hot day is to get home, put the air conditioner on and relax under the cool air. Unfortunately, that’s impossible for me, thanks to Super Duper Man. There are several reasons I can’t get cool under my air conditioner, least of them all being the fact that I am wrongfully in jail. It should only take a day for my attorney to get me out of here.

No, I can’t use my air conditioner because Super Duper Man destroyed it. There’s no point in calling a company that provides air conditioning service in Sydney because the device is completely destroyed. He came along and ripped it out of the wall, then threw it from the upper atmosphere. And somehow this man has the gall to call himself a superhero!

I don’t know why he’s convinced that I’m his arch-nemesis, or that my name is made up. I really am Dr Pistachio! Does he have an allergy to nuts? Is that why he’s doing this? I’ve tried everything, but Super Duper Man is just too powerful for the government to stop. He’s the real criminal, ignoring the restraining orders I’ve gotten against him. Sorry honey, no point in getting those air conditioning repairs near Sydney now! Super Duper Man is here for dinner!

What can I do to stop him? Maybe when I get home, I should pack my bags, kiss my wife goodbye and enrol in the Training Academy. If the police, the army and the other super bad guys can’t stop him, maybe I have to do it myself. I do already have a degree in advanced physics, with a minor in authoritarian dictatorship. I really would be a decent boss. Then I could fight Super Duper Man for real. That would teach him to mess with me and my air conditioner. Nobody destroys my summer bliss and gets away with it.