Loyal Car Mechanic

So, I just got back from my weekend away with my boyfriend. It was an absolutely fantastic weekend and I’m so glad that he convinced me to go away with him. I loved every minute of us being together and just like the mechanic said, my car was in perfect condition! Everything went smoothly and our time together was well and truly maximised. I will definitely be using his services again. 

I’ve actually started recommending the mechanic to my friends and family. I love the people close to me, so I want what’s best for them. For some reason though, it has actually turned into quite a heated topic. Apparently, certain people in my life are really attached to their regular mechanic. Around Caulfield, apparently, there’s a really great workshop that is a popular choice among my family and friends. Their loyalty to one specific place truly surprised me, but I guess upon reflection, I wouldn’t leave my mechanic at someone else’s suggestion either.

Since opening up these discussions with my family, I’ve actually learnt a lot about what people value in a car service. South Yarra residents seem to really value getting their car washed after the service, whereas my friends in Malvern prefer more value for money. Who would’ve thought that this would turn into such an involved social experiment? It’s true that you really do learn something new every day. 

I feel really lucky to have such a good mechanic looking after my car. I’m also glad that my friends and family feel the same way about their mechanics. Everyone seems to be in good hands, which is what matters. I wasn’t trying to poach customers from other workshops, I was just recommending some high quality services to the people I care about. I hope that they’d do the same for me, although if they recommended a mechanic, I wouldn’t change. I guess I’m just very loyal to my mechanic now.