Purple Painted Wall

We’re getting our house painted! Mum and Dad organised it all and it’s getting painted next week when we’re on holidays. At the moment we just have plain white walls in all our rooms, because Mum said that she didn’t want us to ruin the walls when we were young. She said she expected us to dirty the walls somehow as kids, either by drawing on them or putting God knows what on them. She said she decided to just have white walls so that they could be painted over when we turned thirteen.

Well, my twin brother and I turn thirteen this week whilst we’re away, which is perfect. For the last six months, Mum has been talking to this one painter. Melbourne has heaps of them, but she chose this guy and she speaks to him all the time. He’s been over to check out all our rooms and always brings different paint swatches with him, which I think is really cool. He even sat down with me and my brother and let us choose the colours for our rooms. I chose a purple feature wall and asked him to make it really pretty. He told me that the wall would be perfect because he’s the best interior painter in Melbourne, which is why my Mum chose him to paint our walls. He said that his birthday present to me was the prettiest purple wall in the world. I’m so excited!

We go on holidays tomorrow to the Whitsundays. I’ve seen photos and I’m really excited. Mum said that there’s a swim-up bar where we can get juices and stuff. Our hotel is on the beach as well. It’ll be pretty awesome. But just between you and me, I’m more excited to come home and see my purple wall. It’s going to be opposite my bed so I’ll get to wake up and look at it every morning.