Making a Move

When you’re dealing with your career, your love life, your family, and your friends, life is difficult enough. Throw in a newborn and an impending move and you would be, like me, suffering from the fear of a disaster. The number of things that could go wrong is astronomically high. I was lost. Living in Melbourne when your family, your whole world, is across that great expanse of water called the Pacific Ocean is hard enough. But when your husband makes you make the move “for work”, decides to leave you for a 20-something blonde, and then asks you to take his child and move out of his house … well, that’s what I call ‘disaster food’. I don’t want to be strong. I want to curl up in a tight little ball and never get out of bed, but I have Lizzie to think of. She needs me.

That is why I decided to go with getting property advocates in Melbourne to ease the pressures of the move. I don’t need to try and take care of everything myself – I can just get the help from someone to do that for me. I need to be able to keep my priorities straight in this messed up time, and my priorities are Lizzie and my family. In fact, mother is on her way over right now. She decided that I needed her to be here more than she needed to be there. At first, I thought about running home, tail tucked between my legs, but I have a whole life here. And if her father ever decides to take an interest in her, he and Lizzie need to be in the same country. It would be too selfish of me to take that away from her. 

So for now, that means the Melbourne based buyers advocate is the best way to move forward. I just need to keep my head up and keep swimming. I can do that for my daughter.