Resist Mind Control

I don’t know what people are playing at with these rankings, honestly. I’ll allow the opinion that season 5 of Syn Field trumps season 3, even if I don’t necessarily agree, but to put seasons 1 and 2 below season 4 is just ridiculous, let alone putting season 4 in the number one spot. Where do these people get off? It just makes no sense to me, to the extent that I can’t help but wonder if there’s some sort of conspiracy afoot.

Maybe I need to pull my head out of the internet for a bit. I’m clearly getting paranoid. After all, what could anyone possibly have to gain from manipulating the masses into thinking season 4 is Syn Field at its best? On the other hand, you just don’t know these days what mischief might be being made through such means. I’d better get to the bottom of this, just in case. This mission calls for the right kind of fuel: nutritious, portion-controlled meals and snacks that will keep my energy levels stable and my mind sharp (well, sharp-ish) right through to 4am.

I’ve got a strategy for situations like this, and it involves following a mild keto diet for the duration of the activity for which you require sustained focus. Now, when you’re eating keto, meal delivery services that are able to meet your needs become a bit harder to find – you can’t just get on any old delivery app and hope your pad thai and spring rolls are going to be low on refined carbs. Fortunately, there are companies around now that specialise in healthy, ready made meals of the heat-and-eat persuasion, delivered to your door more or less in bulk.

This might sound like overkill, considering the relatively trivial nature of activity I’m about to engage in. But really, in this day and age, we can’t afford to be too careful with potential plots to dumb us down and control our minds.