Biz Blends

I think the podcast might be winding up. Now that Kerry is too busy with the broccoli powder business to do the editing, it’s starting to become more of a burden than a brilliant idea. In truth, it was only ever supposed to be a vehicle for attracting potential investors to the super-foods market, and it seems to have served its purpose. Still, I thought it had room to grow, so I’m a bit disappointed. I’d always secretly hoped we’d interview Sherry Peach, author of Detox Desserts and Trifles and Tinctures, among other titles that take pride of place on my bookshelf.

Kerry used to be as obsessed with this stuff as I am, and she probably still is, but you wouldn’t know it. Now all she talks about is cost-benefit analyses of industrial solar for business. Melbourne is a city where you need to take the small business bull by the horns; I understand that. But it’d be a real shame if she ended up putting all her energy into business logistics and none into her real passion, which is introducing the benefits of sulforaphane to the masses.

I don’t know… maybe I’m a bit jealous of her newfound success, and the fact that the podcast has fallen to the wayside. Of course I want them to take off, and of course I want it to be carbon neutral if at all possible. That would be Kerry’s dream come true, and I support that. All the same, if I have to hear one more word about 100kW solar system design, I’m probably going to lose it.  There are plenty of specialists in that field she could consult on the matter; there’s no need to go round and round in circles with me about it.

I just want to go back to the days of creating matcha-broccoli tiramisu recipes. Is that so much to ask?