The Way Things Car

I guess in my heart of hearts, I knew Roomba Skates weren’t going to take off. I just thought that if we continued to develop Roomba technology, eventually they’d reach the stage where they can both move at the average speed of a car and support the weight of a human while doing so. All cars would soon vanish from the roads as people realise they can just strap a Roomba to each foot and go zooming about the place, cleaning the floor as they went.

It was a lovely dream. A dream in which the world was uncluttered and all floors were clean.

Cars are here to stay, looks like. You’ll always have to go to the local mechanic, Johnny down the road. Or…Jason. Jimmy. Giuseppe. Whoever your local European car mechanic close to Seaford happens to be, and wherever they are, that’s where you’ll go, if you have a truck. Are truck and car mechanic and repair skills transferable? I’ll never know.

I do know that pedestrians are going to be under the tyranny of cars on the road for what seems like an eternity. I tried my best, but I didn’t succeed. Didn’t get what I want, didn’t get what I need. Now I’m so tired, but I can’t sleep…thinking about Roombas. It was a wonderful dream, skating around on little robotic vacuum cleaners, with mechanics not even losing their jobs; they’d just have to retrain to give auto electrical services, brake repairs and suspension checks to a very different kind of locomotion. The best kind of locomotion. I guess you could do a log book service, of a sort.

Look, maybe this won’t be good for the mental health of mechanics, or people who put their worth in loud, fast, powerful cars. Maybe people NEED mechanics and auto, as a hobby and as a meaning of life. Maybe mechanics like working on loud, fast cars, or just cars in general. The car mechanics near Frankston perform a valuable service that would be seriously undercut by a Roomba-dependent society.

Yes…now I see. I see my folly. Roombas are important to me, but maybe not to everyone else. There are more people into cars than Roombas. Gosh, I have a niche interest…I should make an account on Odd-Match.