Super Dog Animation

I never thought I’d need to get an animation done, but here we are. I’ve been working at a school lately, and as part of their marketing strategy, they want to produce a web series about the principal’s dog, Muppet. The proposed idea involves Muppet becoming Super Dog and fighting bad guys, which will apparently help the kids learn about all sorts of stuff from bullying to road safety.

Supposedly, the “bad guys” in this web series will be people who break the rules, like someone who crosses the road without looking twice or people who run telephone scams. It’s definitely an interesting idea, although I do wonder if they are underestimating the amount of work it will take to produce a full animated series. Maybe we should hire a professional video animation company to help us out with it. That would probably make the project at least doable. 

I find it funny when people just assume that stuff like animation is so easy to do. I actually worked with an animation company for a while, and that stuff is intense. It takes hours of work just to complete the slightest movements. Mind you, I didn’t work as an actual animator. I was in their marketing department. Even still, I got to see what the process was like, and it really does take so much time. So yes, I do think we should hire a video production company close to Melbourne so that this project isn’t completely impossible. We sure as heck can’t produce an entire animation about Muppet the Super Dog on our own. It would be awful and would probably take up an entire month of work just to make the first few minutes.

This is like the time that they asked me to produce a children’s picture book in an afternoon. I’m good at my job, but I’m not a miracle worker. Let’s set the expectations a little lower here.