Worrying Car Brakes

I’ve never been the type of person to make a fuss or worry unnecessarily, but lately my car has been making noises that have caught my attention. Any time I touch the brakes of my car, I hear some sort of screeching noise. This noise used to be quite subtle, especially because I only ever lightly push the brakes, but now it is difficult to ignore. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and admit that I’m worried about my brakes, which means booking an appointment to visit an auto electrician. Around Underwood there are a few different workshops to go to, so I change it up each time just for fun. 

I don’t want to be the type of person that rushes to the mechanic just because they hear a noise, only to be turned away and told it’s normal. My parents used to worry about the smallest possible things and I vowed to never be the same. Hopefully my gut instinct is right and I actually do have something to worry about. I’ve booked the appointment which will be in a few days. I’ll report back then.

Okay, hello. So it turns out I was right and the noise coming from my brakes meant that they were lacking fluid. I think that’s what he said at least. The mechanic told me he serviced my car brakes and that they are now good as new. He also commended me for trusting my gut and contacting him when I noticed that something was wrong, because people often don’t do this and it costs them a great deal in the future. He said I had every reason to worry, and ironically, told me not to worry about coming across as a person unnecessarily worrying. I think I’ve said the word worry at least thirty times in this small recount, but I guess it is the main theme of this blog post. We’ve booked an appointment for a couple of months time, which will be good.