Positive Car Service

Recently, I’ve got into a mindset of finding a lot of things really sad. I’m not really sure why. I haven’t had a sad life and I’m not a sad person, but for some reason I just think a lot of things are sad. I don’t even think that sentence made any sense and I really don’t know how to explain it properly, which is sad in itself. But yeah, the reason why I’ve brought this up is because I found another regular, every-day activity to be quite sad, and I need to hold myself accountable for it.

My latest sad activity was getting a suspension service for my car. Now I know exactly what you’re going to say… that getting a suspension service is not a sad experience. So then WHY do I FEEL sad? The mechanic was pleasant, the service was quick and inexpensive and my car works perfectly fine now, and yet, I feel sad. I know that rationally it makes no sense, but irrationally it does. Somehow, I’m turning overall positive experiences into negative ones, and I’m not sure how to stop that. 

I guess it doesn’t matter too much. Just because I don’t feel happy doesn’t mean there’s anything actually wrong with the situation. This is something that I rationally undestand and am actively trying to work on, but I guess it’s easier said than done. Next time I visit the mechanic, I’m going to write down every positive thing about the experience, to remind myself that it’s actually all okay despite how I’m perceiving it. The mechanic services Highfields locals have access to are, after all, very good

I’m not really sure why I wrote all of this. I guess to hold myself accountable to the fact that I know I’m not in the healthiest mindset right now, and that doing responsible things like going to get my car serviced is positive and not negative. Next time I go to the mechanic shop, I will be better.