Brisbane Boxing Semis

Welcome back to the second last day of Brisbane’s Muay Thai Boxing Competition! Today we see June and Amal fight for a spot against Eugine in the championship. Both of these competitors are extremely strong, and so I really don’t know which way it’ll go. What do you think, Nath?

Wow, Kath, the host with all the experience, is asking little old me for my opinion? Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest before answering. I think it could go either way. There’s no clear favourite, which just makes this whole thing so exciting! I’d personally like to see June take out the win, just because of how hard she fought in the previous round. It was inspirational. 

Well then, it looks like I’m barracking for Amal then. I love a bit of friendly competition. It just makes the whole MMA gym near Brisbane just so much more electrifying. 

Yep, I’m not surprised that you would oppose me, Kath. Anyway, the fight is starting. Let’s tune in!

June takes a swing! Superbly dodged by Amal. Come on Amal! You’ve got this! Strike back!

That strike by Amal was deadly. Luckily June is super agile and managed to get out of the way, otherwise, she would have been knocked out in an instant. Amal definitely has a strong left hook on him. 

You’re too right, Nath, he does. I can’t wait for him to use it. He’ll win so easily that he’ll end up giving June professional Brisbane boxing classes. I know I wasn’t sure who was going to take out the semi-final at the start, but it’s certainly obvious now. Go, Amal!

AND THAT’S IT! JUNE HAS DONE IT! Against all odds, she’s beat yet another strong male opponent and now she’s on her way to the championship match! How does that make you feel, Kath?

Pretty disappointed, if I don’t say so myself. I can’t believe Amal looked when a crowd member called out his name. He opened himself up to vulnerability straight away.