Smart Mechanic

I’m the biggest fan of the mindless drive. I’m not sure how common it is, but seriously sometimes I’ll just get in the car and drive for hours, with no destination in mind. I’ll put on my favourite songs, a podcast, or a mix of both and just keep driving. Once I drove for eight hours without stopping, which surprised even me. Before that, the longest I had mindlessly driven for was three hours.

After the eight hour drive, I had to take my car to a mechanic in the Ringwood area. Ringwood was on my way home and my car was beginning to make noises that I couldn’t drown out with my music. The noises even disrupted my mindless driving, which bothered me because I was in the middle of complete and utter zen. 

Despite my love of driving, I don’t actually know all that much about cars. I don’t care about cars, I just care about being on a straight open road for hours and hours, without having to stop for anyone or anything. Why is this relevant, you may be wondering? Because when the mechanic told me what he had to do with my car, it went completely over my head.

The first thing he had to do was a series of vehicle inspections. Ringwood mechanics apparently take their jobs very seriously so the mechanic was adamant that doing a complete inspection was necessary. I’m obviously no expert and so I told him to do whatever needed to be done. The findings from his inspections came back saying that I needed to fix my brakes. He mentioned the brake pad and brake fluid. I’m not sure what any of it meant.

I asked the mechanic if I was in danger during my eight-hour drive. Apparently, I was. I’ve never really thought about being in danger whilst driving. It just comes so easily and naturally to me that I forget that anything could go wrong.