Car Mechanic Friend

I have a fantastic update to share with you! My long distance boyfriend of two years moved to Melbourne three months ago now, and the move has gone perfectly. Just like I knew we would, we get along just as well in person as we did online. We’ve had no teething issues living together, and everything is just perfect. I’m sure we’re going to marry each other within the year and our lives are going to be perfect forever. 

I’m not sure if you remember my post from last year, but I was simultaneously excited and nervous for my boyfriend to meet the Brighton auto electrician that I recommended to him. My boyfriend is obsessed with his cars, of which he has three, so finding the right mechanic was super important to him. I’ve started parking my car on the street to accommodate for his expensive and beloved cars. I’m not much of a car enthusiast myself, so I don’t mind parking on the road and Brighton is a safe place.

Okay, getting back to the point. My boyfriend LOVED the mechanic! They’ve become fast friends and he’s actually my boyfriend’s first friend in the state. We’ve had the mechanic over for dinner three times in three months, which I think is cute and an extremely good sign. Last night when the mechanic was over for dinner, he and my boyfriend were laughing and joking about what would’ve happened if they hadn’t found each other and my boyfriend randomly needed something like a tyre repair. Brighton mechanics, like I said, are extremely professional and all around great, but they were still cracking themselves up and laughing at the thought of ever trusting someone else with his cars. 

If you ask me, the rest of our lives are going to be pretty bloody sweet. I bet you that the mechanic is the best man at our wedding. And you know what? I’m okay with that.