Tooth Attack

I just watched the strangest television show ever. It’s called Abnormal Show and follows the life of two best friends, Morty and Rigs, who are a green jay and a possum, respectively. They work at a park in the town of Bayside, along with Jumps the yeti, Grandpa the human with a giant head, Zombie Man, Fist Pump Ghost and their boss, Benny the gumball machine. Yes, this show is just as weird as it sounds. 

This particular episode featured Rigs the possum having a toothache, but he refused to go to the dentist. Now, Morty the green jay believed that rigs needed dental cavity protection, but Rigs disagreed. The two best friends got into a huge fight, and then a giant sentient tooth appeared to settle the dispute. The tooth, Toothus, knocked out Rigs to put him in a dental chair, where he could examine the possum. It turned out that Toothus was not actually a qualified dentist, so Morty had to chase him away.

After that, Rigs and Morty decided to go to the actual dentist to ask about Toothus, because now the giant tooth was going on a rampage through the entire city. The best Bayside dental specialists agreed that the only way to stop Toothus was to brush him with a giant toothbrush. So the friends got into Grandpa’s magical flying car with a giant toothbrush and brushed Toothus until he vanished entirely.

It was legitimately the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, but apparently, that was a relatively tame episode of Abnormal Show. One time, according to my younger brother, Morty and Rigs found a bunch of baby ducks and taught them how to do karate. Then the ducks formed a giant super duck to fight a poacher who was after them. And apparently another time, Rigs sent everybody to the moon using a magical keytar. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, a keyboard and a guitar combined? That’s so dumb.

Anyway, it’s basically my favourite show now. I can’t wait for more wacky adventures with Morty and Rigs.