Car Service Backlog

So after a month of being alerted twice a day to get my car serviced, I finally did it! It’s booked in for tomorrow, and I can’t be late for the appointment because he said he’s booked out. If I miss it then I will have to reschedule, which means I’ll never end up getting my car serviced.

Okay, I’m in such a rush! I slept in this morning! I don’t know if my alarm just didn’t go off or if I slept through it, but I had it set for thirty minutes before I needed to leave. That’s a record and I’m proud of myself… but I slept in! I’ve woken up with ten minutes until I have to be at my appointment. I hope I don’t miss it. 

I just scraped through! My car is with the mechanic now, and on his initial inspection, he said it looks like I’ll need a brake pad replacement. In the Adelaide area, mechanics take their jobs really seriously, so I trust him if he says I need it. I mean it makes sense, I did delay getting a car service for over two years… something was bound to happen. 

I just got my car back. As it turns out, there were a lot of things wrong with my car. I really neglected it with my overly laid back attitude, and it’s cost me a lot of money as a result. I’m hoping this will be a good lesson and I’ll stop leaving things to the last minute. Maybe if I do that then I’ll be able to avoid needing to get engine diagnostics at the local Adelaide mechanic every time I end up getting my car serviced. 

I guess I won’t know if I’ve learnt a life lesson until the next opportunity arises. I have work tomorrow and I’ve set my alarm for thirty minutes before work starts instead of twenty, which is already an improvement.