Cars Are Expensive

Look, I don’t mean to complain because I know it brings bad energy into the world and that’s not my vibe, but like, hear me out for a minute. I bought myself a new second-hand car last year, a 2017 model of the safest vehicle currently being made in Australia. I got really lucky that the old owner didn’t want to drive it anymore, so I got an almost brand new car for a lot cheaper than I would have if I had bought it at a dealership. But this obviously isn’t what I want to complain about because I got lucky.

What I want to complain about is the fact that I got my car registered, insured and had a mechanic near the Raceview area look at it all in the same month. Now a year on, it’s time for me to pay my rego and insurance and get my most recent logbook service. Why didn’t I spread all these things out when I got the car? I’m so stupid. I wish I could go back a year and shake some sense into myself before scheduling all these things at the same time. 

Like seriously, guess how much I’ve spent on my car in the last week? I’m lucky I’ve got a full-time job now because otherwise, I would have been completely screwed. But yeah, $700 on registration renewal, $800 on comprehensive car insurance and $570 on my car’s fifth logbook service. I’ve spent over $2000 on my car in two weeks! I’m not going to be able to go out for a smashed avo breakfast for the next month.

I just wish I was super well off so that when the mechanic called me up and said he needed to make some additional repairs on top of my logbook service, I could just be like “yeah!” instead of having to do the mental maths on the phone to him to see if I could afford to get the work done. Owning a car is so expensive.