Conveyancer Appreciation Festival

This year’s Conveyancer Appreciation Festival was fantastic. Definitely a new high point for the event, which has been going on for about a decade now. Haven’t heard of it? The Conveyancer Appreciation Festival is the hottest event in Melbourne, so you’re missing out. You’ve got to go next year if you’ve never been. Basically people gather to thank all the conveyancers for their hard work in helping people get the legalities of buying a house right. There are all sorts of competitions and prizes to be won, all perfect for conveyancing providers. Collingwood was chosen as the host suburb this year, as it had the most houses sold by percentage in Melbourne over the last twelve months.

It’s also a great event to go to if you’re looking to buy a house, as there are all sorts of secret listings, and you can talk to conveyancers right there, quickly finding the perfect one for you. That’s been really helpful for someone like me, who is constantly buying new houses. Sure, I could go to a conveyancing business near Malvern, but why would I do that when I can mingle at a festival instead? The Conveyancer Appreciation Festival is how I found my last seven conveyancers. Last night I met someone who could become my eighth when I hopefully buy Melbourne’s biggest mansion. I’ve always wanted to own that place, but the last time it was sold I just missed out. This time I’ll be on top of things.

After all, how could you refuse to sell to a man such as myself? I own the biggest video game design company Australia has ever seen. We’ve put out great titles that audiences worldwide have fallen absolutely in love with. Have you ever heard of Hello Night, the popular game where you swim around the ocean as a fish knight and wave hello to everybody? That’s my game. As soon as I mention that to the property owner, they’ll practically be begging me to move in, which is where conveyancer number eight comes into the equation.

Anyway, I’ve gotten sidetracked. The point is, if you haven’t gone to the Conveyancer Appreciation Festival, make sure to mark it in your calendar for next year.