Earring Obsession

My friends are so easy to buy presents for. We all have the same taste and appreciate high quality, homemade stuff, and 90% of the time that ‘stuff’ I’m talking about is jewellery. We’ve been through phases of being obsessed with certain styles from certain jewellers, some of which I now look back and cringe at the thought of. But that’s fine, fashion changes and our tastes change accordingly. 

At the moment, we’re absolutely obsessed with this little boutique jeweller by the beach. She’s the only designer in the area that really understands fashion at the moment, and even has these super cute drop earrings that my friends and I love so much that we each bought a pair to wear when we’re together! They are SO cute.

But sorry, I’ve gone off topic! My friends are easy to buy for because every present can be bought from the same shop. There’s six of us in the group, which means I get to buy new earrings on average every two months. Any time I go in to buy one of my friend’s a pair, I end up buying one too. I just can’t help myself. My love of earrings is just too strong. They are so hot right now.

Even though we’re all obsessed with earrings and will be for at least this fashion season, we are very picky about where we shop and which styles we buy. Earrings made in Melbourne can be pretty interesting if they are designed by a boutique jewellery designer. We refuse to wear anything that doesn’t support local or is mass produced, because then we wouldn’t be trend setters, we’d just be trend followers. No thanks.

Well, I’m off to buy my third pair of earrings for the season! I’m going to buy the same pair for my friend for her birthday because she’ll obviously love them. I hope this earring trend sticks around for a while. Heart react if you love earrings!