Air Conditioned Home

I just got into Australia’s best university which is located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. After completing my undergraduate degree in Melbourne, Victoria, I had to make a decision about whether I wanted to go into the workforce or do my Masters and I chose to do my Masters. I want to get into a field that requires a lot of extra study to be even considered for any of the roles, and so doing that extra study at the best university in Australia seems like the perfect way to differentiate myself. 

My first semester starts in less than three weeks, and I was only accepted two weeks ago. That means I have three weeks to pick up my entire life and move to another state before classes start. In the next three weeks, I also need to find a share house that I can live in and preferably one with an installed air conditioner. Canberra has a really competitive housing market and so I think I may struggle to find a house that I think is perfect for me. It might get down to what’s available, which by the looks of it, isn’t much.

When I told my girlfriend that I was leaving, she was obviously upset. She’s the most supportive and incredible person ever, but I could see it in her eyes that this is going to hurt her. We are going to visit each other once a month for a weekend at a time, and I promised her that I would make sure I get air conditioning repairs in Canberra every month before she visits. She doesn’t like getting too warm, you see, especially when she’s sleeping. I’m leaving her for two years (we’re staying together), so it really is the least I can do to make sure she’s comfortable whenever she visits.

I’ll update you all once I’ve got a house. Hopefully, it’s soon because time is running out.