Heating, Cooling, Melbourne!

Last night the band and I came up with a new album idea. Well, I’m probably giving them too much credit. It was my idea, as most of them are, but that’s alright. I wouldn’t have had the idea if not for them! As we went to practice one of our songs, Sharni shouted, “Lights, camera, action!” Immediately I had to pause the song as the first violin note played out because the saying struck me as kind of odd.

“Isn’t it weird how that saying doesn’t really mean anything?” I asked. The others weren’t really sure what I meant, since they think it comes from the movie industry, but I wasn’t too convinced. “I mean, it’s just three random words stuck together. I could do it with anything.” Just to prove it, I said at random, “Heating, cooling, Melbourne!”

Darren and I just looked at each other, realising that we’d just struck gold. That’s going to be the name of our new album. We got to work straight away, researching everything we could about air conditioners and heaters, coming up with song titles and overall story arcs for our next epic concept album. I think our opening song will be I Need Aircon Service Near Melbourne, about a man’s desperate plea for an air conditioning technician. In this album I’m also hoping to include our longest ever song, rivalling popular works such as Bobby Rap City by King and New Mexico by Strange Allan. I’m not sure what the song will be about yet, but you can be sure it will involve air conditioners.

What about the overall plot of the album? We’re working on that right now. Currently, we’re doing a brainstorming session and having things written on the whiteboard like “ode to gas heating”, “dragons (again?)”, “alien invasion” and “corporate takeover”. Other than those things, I’m not too sure. It’s all a process, one that could take up to two weeks. Then we’ll get to songwriting and recording. I believe our fans can probably expect this album out by the end of the month.