Air Conditioning

Air Conditioned Home

I just got into Australia’s best university which is located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. After completing my undergraduate degree in Melbourne, Victoria, I had to make a decision about whether I wanted to go into the workforce or do my Masters and I chose to do my Masters. I want to get into a …

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Villainous Origins

Sometimes all you want on a hot day is to get home, put the air conditioner on and relax under the cool air. Unfortunately, that’s impossible for me, thanks to Super Duper Man. There are several reasons I can’t get cool under my air conditioner, least of them all being the fact that I am …

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Third Grade Conditioning

“All right, students, who can tell me three brands of air conditioners sold in Australia?” I asked. “First to do so wins chocolate!” Several hands shot up, but I chose Sarah. “Alpha, Minstrel and Pan Sonic,” she said. “Excellent work, Sarah. Come up and choose a chocolate from my table.” I think the third graders …

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