Need The Vanity

So the vanity arrived! How exciting is that! The glass for the shower walls also arrived and now it means we can really get started. One thing that hasn’t arrived yet is the tiles, which obviously we need before we can do anything else. Why did I order all these things separately? I was trying to save money. I should’ve just left all of this stuff to the highly regarded bathroom renovation company in Melbourne that is completing my renovation. 

The bathroom renovation company could have had all of this sorted for me and I wouldn’t have had to worry about delivery times or holding up construction. It’s a regret on my behalf and I will definitely learn from this experience. I don’t plan on renovating another bathroom in my home any time soon but if I do, I’ll know to leave all of the organising and designing to the experts. It just makes more sense.

Now that I think about it, I’ll probably have to get another bathroom renovation in about twenty years time. My husband and I will be well into our mid-sixties by then and might need some extra help in the more dangerous areas of our home. We’re not planning on our kids still living with us then, so getting professional bathroom renovations for elderly people may be a smart way to go. At least by then I’ll be too old to want to have any sort of creative control over the build or design. I assume by then I’ll just want to sit back on my recliner and watch reruns of old TV shows that I loved in my youth. That’s what I secretly want to be doing now but I have many responsibilities as a mother and working woman. I secretly long for a time in my life where I’ll be able to just relax and enjoy myself. I shouldn’t have organised all this bathroom stuff to give myself a tiny bit more free time. Oh well.