The Captain’s Bath

‘Captain?’ I heard someone call for me, as I floated in the warm suds of my bathwater.          ‘Mmmm-yes?’ I responded lazily. ‘What is it?’          ‘It’s the Admiral, sir.’          ‘The Admiral?’ my eyes snapped open and I all but jumped to attention. My messenger quickly pivoted, seeing my instinct to stand up.          …

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Need The Vanity

So the vanity arrived! How exciting is that! The glass for the shower walls also arrived and now it means we can really get started. One thing that hasn’t arrived yet is the tiles, which obviously we need before we can do anything else. Why did I order all these things separately? I was trying …

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Bathtub Conversions

Wow… I just came across the blog posts that I wrote fifteen years ago now. Things are very different than they were back then when I was a young woman in my mid-twenties joking around with my parents. I’m almost forty now and my parents are pushing seventy. Pretty much everything I spoke about in …

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