Cooking Disaster

Does anybody know of a good place to get windows replaced? Asking for a friend. All right, I lied, I’m asking for myself. Why? Well, I just learned that I’m not very good at cooking. Now, those two things might sound like they are completely unrelated. Cooking and window replacement. They probably should be. But …

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Tinting Hero

Every story has a beginning. Sometimes that beginning is thousands of years old, as is the Legend of the Great Window Tinter. He is destined to save the world from people who would breach the privacy of others. I first read the prophecies of this hero in the ancient pyramids of Egypt, on the back …

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Turning Glass Dark

Hi, I’m Zach Jordan. You may remember me from such films as Ow, My Giant Blue Head and Is No Fun, Is No Blinsky. Alternatively, you might know me from my blog work on A Big, Beautiful, Old Rock. Today I’ll be answering questions about my latest film, I Am the Senate, in which I …

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